Sitting here with Michael Howard rhapsodizing about life. He's been my teacher for over 10 years! Love him

Shooting Commences on HBO's The Young Pope.

Early this summer I was directed by an Oscar Winning director, so I can cross that off the list.  I shot for one day on the set of The Young Pope and had an absolute blast.  I will recommence shooting early next year in Italy and Puerto Rico.  WHAT???  Stay tuned.

Nike Risk Everything Wins at Cannes!

Proud to announce that the Risk Everything campaign I voiced last summer has won an award at Cannes!  One step closer to walking that red carpet.  


What a week.

While doing ADR, I was able to see some snippets of a feature ( I acted in this past summer and it looks great.

I think it might be something truly special. It has a fantastic cast and the performances are really really damn good. Couple that with the incredible crew, the enormously talented DP Alex Gallitano, and the downright brilliance of writer/director Joe Stribling and I think we may have a sleeper hit on our hands.

Stay tuned for more updates! I hope to be able to share a trailer soon.

Also, the Wildcats take on the Badgers tonight in the Final Four and I will probably have a heat attack.  May the force be with us.  Its gonna be...Its gonna be... I dont even know.  GBB!


GBB pt.2


You're damn right fellas. 

GBB. pt.1

If you know me, you know that for the past couple of weeks Ive been a nervous wreck.  

See, I love a couple of things in life.  One of them is my family, and the other is college basketball.  

More specifically, the University of KENTUCKY WILDCATS.  To spare you the details, the wildcats are attempting to do something historic,  and the teams they're playing in this years ncaa tournament are trying to prevent them for doing that.  

I hope, if you're reading this and have no vested interest in the outcome of the tournament, you wont mind pulling for my wildcats.  I'll greatly appreciate your support (but will still be a nervous wreck).