Bear With Us

(Collin) Smith is a practical comedy star in the making with such an effortless and constant stream of humanity and hilarity as Harry. The way Smith is able to embolden Harry with humanity beyond what is written on the script page and make him such an authentic character is outstanding.                             
--Cinematic Considerations
(Collin) Smith's comedic timing is sublimely paired with straight-guy Sullivan's impeccable reactions. They make you pay close attention so you don't miss one laugh.
--Reel Honest Reviews


Vermont Shakespeare Company

The Winters Tale

…Juggling four roles, Collin Smith is impressive in all, but he’s a special delight as Clown, the Old Shepherd’s son and partner in comedy. Smith’s physical energy, faultless timing and gorgeous confidence in Clown’s nuttiest utterances are an irresistible source of laughs.

— Seven Days

The Tempest

…the physical comedy enacted by Caliban and the two sailors (Collin Smith and Christopher Payseur) is riotous and perfectly timed...worthy of a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

— -The Berkshire Review

 TIME FLIES AND OTHERS BY IVES                                             

…and my favorite performance of the night came from Collin Mackenzie Smith as David Attenborough in the opener Time Flies.
--Curtain Rising Magazine


Collin Mackenzie Smith is the mysterious lustful barfly whose sensual smirk looks like a snake waiting to strike.